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Heartland /Southwest Bluegrass Music Association of Florida 

Bluegrass music is one of America's only original forms of music. As such it is worthy of preservation, promotion, and participation by a dedicated group of people. We believe that this music engenders a sense of belonging, encourages musicians and spectators alike to come together and share their love and appreciation for this aspect of Americana. To many of us, it is a “family,” because regardless of where we go to hear or play bluegrass music, we are warmly welcomed and embraced by other bluegrassers.   

Our Mission: "To preserve, encourage and promote traditional Bluegrass music and its evolving variants, and to provide a venue and a matrix within which we bring together those persons desiring to preserve, encourage and promote said music."



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 For camping info, call 863 494 1820

Current rates for camping are $10 per night for primitive/dry camping, and $25 per night for hookup.  Dumping station is located in the main section of the park near the dumpster and recycle area. 

Each event, except Thanksgiving and New Year's weekend , falls on the 4th weekend of the month. The Country Kitchen concession stand will open during season on Saturdays from 11 AM-3 PM, and we will be lining up some food trucks to serve during the summer season.

Bands and Show Dates , 2023

Planning your bluegrass event calendar ? Here's Heartland/Southwest's show schedule for the next few months!

Shows are at Craig's RV Park, 7895 NE Cubitis Ave, Arcadia, FL 34266. Just follow the  bluegrass signs !


October 28 2023

Jam Band

Swinging Bridge

November 18 2023

Jam Band

Jacksonian Music Factory

Sawgrass Drifters

December 30 2023

Jam Band

Hwy 41 South


Heartland/Southwest is looking forward to seeing all of our seasonal and year-round friends in the bluegrass section in the rear of the park for great bluegrass throughout the rest of this year.  

We are anticipating an exceptional year, with great entertainment, lots of jamming,
and our Saturday mornings will be a lot of fun with slow jam, and instrument workshops being once again available. Be sure to bring your own chairs for the events in the back section of the park. 

Bluegrass people are the best, and it is all of you that make Heartland/Southwest so successful. Thank you, Heartland/Southwest Members!


Let's pick!  

For more information: (941) 219-2256




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